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 Gulf Oil Gas Station - Installation Art


Dion Laurent


Gulf Gas Station Installation Art, Houston, Dion Laurent

AirStation is a temporary installation created in a 1930's Art Deco Gas
Station directly across the road from the Station Museum in Houston, Texas.  It is a
reflection to a world of ever increasing air pollution, ozone action days,
water shortages, droughts and oil spills.  

Conceptually, it's a self-contained, self-sustaining bio-environment; a
one-room emergency AirStation supplied air as a greenhouse air station,
creating a simple biosphere exchange system similar to that of Planet
Earth. The Installation of the garden biosphere inside the old gas station is a form of remediation of our environments industrially contaminated soil ,water and air. 


AirStation is an ongoing project that will develop through December 2010.  Periodic modifications and improvements to the biosphere system and planned performances will be announced and documented on a monthly basis.
AirPlane1, awarded first place in the Houston Art Car Parade will be part
of the installation, and EarthMan 2 will be publicly performing for the
first time.  All 3 elements of this performance and installation blend art
and science and relate to bioregenerative life support systems,
self-sustaining systems conceptually capable of maintaining a human in
otherwise unlivable environments on our increasingly polluted earth or even
in outer space.  

EarthMan 1

EarthMan 2


Dion Laurent


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